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I'm passionate about experiential, lifestyle  photography that showcases your life as art. I capture not just what you look like, but how are you ARE, authentically.  As a professional in the outdoor recreation industry, my life and my work revolves around adventure. My favorite sessions involve exploration, playfulness, and are designed to make you feel and look alive.

AUTHENTIC Art from real adventures

Seattle, WA Photographer


It isn't all the things we own in life that make us happy, but the memories we acquire that shape who we are. Quality time together with the ones we value most is hard to come by in our busy modern lives. And when we finally have the moments together, they pass all too quickly. Lifestyle photography is about freezing those moments and preserving them as part of your legacy so that every time you walk by your photographic artwork, you can relive your experience in vivid detail. Lifestyle photography is one of the few investments you can make that increases in value over time.

An Investment in your Memories


Your photo session is about being in your element, wherever that may be. Whether it is in your backyard, at the coast, aboard a sailboat, skiing your favorite mountain or on a local trail. My clients seek outdoor life and desire a photographer who values the natural world, and lives those values through conscious, cause driven artwork.

As a photography partner of Washington's National Park Fund, and Regional Community Advocate for the Nature First Photography Alliance, I'm not just passionate about beautiful places, I work to protect them. Nature photography is the leading cause of exploitation of nature and degradation of delicate ecosystems. As an environmentally conscious outdoor leader, I am committed to Leave No Trace practices and am an advocate for the preservation of public lands and wild places. Nature's playground must be enjoyed and protected. With your session investment, a portion of you fee goes to support environmental non-profits like Nature First and Washington's National Parks Fund.

 As an adventure storyteller, my passion is capturing nature's light, your light, and what lights you up. Stories can’t be captured through overly posed, orchestrated shots; life is an experience.  My style is photojournalistic; I keep moments real, relationships personal, ideas fresh and artwork timeless. As your experience guide, the best thing I can do is step back and let life unfold naturally; allowing you to feel the emotions of the moment. These are the memories that are ultimately worth the most to my clients.

The Lindsey Allison Experience

Cause-driven photography fueled by purpose


Are you newly engaged and planning a wedding or elopement? If you're interested in creating and capturing a special day that's just about the two of you and your connection the outdoors, let's talk. You can find out more about my couples adventure photography work through Girl in the Wild, my boutique adventure elopement company.

Guided Experiences for Adventurous Couples


"The great affair is to move."
-Robert louis stevenson

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